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Monster High Scarah Screams & Hoodude Voodoo
San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive.


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Nov 21

Written By: Lyss Chan

Keira and I once again have the pleasure to bring you a new review of a clawsome duo from Monster High. Today we have the wonderful Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein Picnic Casket For 2 gift set exclusive to Toys R US.


Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll are ready to head out on a to-die-for picnic, with the Monster High Picnic Casket Doll 2-Pack.



The dolls are carrying their silver picnic casket, which is stuffed with ghoulish goodies, including cootie cakes and water bottles, for a fangtastic lunch. Find out if there is a spark in the air or if Frankie and Jackson are only friends on this fun get together.


IMG_5026 IMG_5025 IMG_5024

Both dolls are wearing scary-cool sweaters to keep warm and have matching blue and yellow details on their outfits. Frankie is looking great with her lightning bolt earrings and graphic-print dress. Her yellow collar and sash match Jackson’s killer yellow pants and yellow sunglasses. Jackson is making a statement with the yin and yang decal on his blue t-shirt. The handles on the water bottles resemble the Skullette of Monster High.

IMG_5031 IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5034

Keira and I love all the details that are on Frankies dress and her beautiful earrings. We also like Jackson’s neat Ying Yang Tee and the fact that both of them match! MH really out did themselves with so many matching goodies and details on these dolls. We love MH and the fact that they really do well with details. Even the tiniest details are not missed.


Keira is very excited about this doll set and is ready to take them to the back yard and have her very own picnic with them and take photos. :) We highly recommend these dolls for any young or old collector and doll lover out there. Keira’s Christmas wishlist starts with that clawsome Monster High bike but she has her eyes on Frankie and her recharging chamber!

Get yours here:

Banner One

Frankie Stein is getting charged up for the Howlidays!

Frankie Stein is getting charged for New Fears Eve! It’s going to be her first ever, so she wants to make it special. Stitch together your own high-voltage New Fears Eve with these totesmazing products:

Be Sure to enter to win this clawsome bike!

Banner Six

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox with products provided by Mattel. All opinions are my own.

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Nov 10

Written By: Lyss Chan

Ever After High


Welcome to Ever After High ™, the high school where the teenage sons and daughters of the most famous fairytale characters confront their destinies. It is here where the young descendants learn to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents.

Thronecoming is near and these amazing girls has dressed to impress. With beautiful details, the dolls are so impressive!

Walmart yet again has an exciting promotion going on for these gorgeous dolls. This promotion gives you a $5 – $10 Walmart Gift Card when you purchase select Ever After High ™ dolls at your local Walmart and/or



Ever After High


If you haven’t had the chance to pick one up for your favorite girl, I would highly suggest that you do so! These dolls are amazing! They look absolutely stunning in person! We even got a chance to review one and man my daughter loves her and wants the rest of the Thronecoming dolls. You will be blown away by all the details these dolls have.

With this cool promotion,  will receive a Walmart eGift Card with a purchase of any of the eligible dolls listed below.

Dolls Eligible for Walmart eGift Card Promotion:
-Thronecoming™ C.A. Cupid® Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Ever After High™ C.A. Cupid® Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Thronecoming™ Apple White™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Ever After High™Apple White™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Thronecoming™ Raven Queen™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Ever After High™ Raven Queen™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Thronecoming™ Blondie Lockes™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Thronecoming™ Briar Beauty™ Doll with Playset ($10 Walmart eGift Card)
-Ever After High™ Briar Beauty™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Ever After High™ Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman Dolls ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
-Ever After High™ Madeline Hatter Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)


How amazing is that? My daughter is eying C.A. Cupid® for Christmas! She loves pink and man that doll delivers in stunning beauty! She wants to have her displayed just for that reason!



Sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


Oct 09

Written By: Lyss Chan

Walmart is your one stop shop for all things Monster High ® this Halloween Holiday! Make sure to check out all of your favorite Monster High toys available at Walmart this Halloween.

Monster High Banner 3

Visit your local Walmart store on October 12, 2014, to take advantage of the one-day only in-store coupon! Print, download and save $5 on any Monster High purchase $25 or more at Walmart. The coupon is only valid on October 12, 2014, and can only be redeemed in stores.

Monster High Banner 1

Link to Coupon:

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Sep 04

Written By: Lyss Chan

It’s another boo year at Monster High® with all new blend students or are they really new?! Meet Lagoonafire™ , Clawvenus™, Dracubecca™ and Cleolei™. I hear Fusion is all the rage with these Freaky Fusion ghouls.

Monster High Banner 1


 So what is all new with this Fusion? Well the ghouls are at it again.  The Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ ghouls go deep into the catacombs of Monster High to help Frankie look for clues about her past and learn more about her family scaritage. There, they inadvertently set off a time machine that takes them back to the year 1814 where they meet Sparky, a misguided, teen scientist obsessed with the creation of life. Sparky follows Frankie back to modern day Monster High, causing a lab accident in which eight ghouls fuse into four new monsters! Visit to get all the latest Freaky Fusion™ ghouls.

Monster High Banner 3


So, want to know more about these wonderful dolls? Well lets meet the ghouls.


Clawvenus™: Made up of Clawdeen Wolf® and Venus Mc Flytrap® – Clawvenus™ is fiercely “fusionable” and ferociously beautiful, but she may need to change her shampoo to a weed-and-feed formula.

Cleolei™ (Pronounced “Cleo-Lie”): Fusing the Mummy heritage of Cleo de Nile® with the werecat ancestry of Toralei®, Cleolei™ has some ferocious issues, but it’s nothing a quick little cat-nap won’t fix.

Dracubecca™: Mixing the Vampire heritage of Draculaura® with the Mad Scientist ancestry of Robecca Steam®, Dracubecca™ is scary sweet but still attached to rocket-powered boots.

Lagoonafire™: Fusing the Sea Monster heritage of Lagoona Blue® with the Chinese Dragon ancestry of Jinafire Long™ Lagoonafire™ loves to surf and swim like she’s on fire — literally!

Of course Keira absolutely loves anything Draculaura.  She loves her to pieces and of course is the one she is wanting. is the destination for all of your Freaky Fusion needs! Check out the Freaky fused dolls Clawnevus™, Cleolei™, Dracubecca™ and Lagoonafire™. Visit to get yours today.


Monster High Banner 3

If that is not enough, they also have Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ Catacombs.

Explore the creepy cool and spooky surroundings of the Monster High® Catacombs! Fang out with all your fave ghouls in this monstrous 3’ x 4’ play set packed with clawesome transformative features and secret surprises.

We have the school so this goes great with it. So many possibilities with this.

Also, they have this neat Dual Ghoul Personality Test!

Which ghoulfriend are you more like? Cleo de Nile® or Toralei®? Draculaura® or Robecca Steam®? Lagoona Blue® or Jinafire Long™? Clawdeen Wolf ®or Venus Mc Flytrap®?

Find out by taking the fun quiz on the Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ page. By choosing between “this” or “that” picture, you and your little ghoul can find out your Freaky Fusion™ percentage.

Monster High Banner 3


Keira did the Draculaura and Rebecca Steam and came out 50%-50%. Haha. Fun stuff. I did the Cleo and Toralei and came out 70% Cleo and 30% Toralei.

Be sure to visit for  Monster High Freaky Fusion goodies and find that special something for that special ghoul in your life.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Aug 08

Written By: Lyss Chan


Today I got in the new Monster High Fangtastic Locker ( from Lunchbox to review but first I will give you some basic info on it first.

About the Product:

Every little “Ghoul” can be stored in this secret coffin locker. There is a secret storage space to stow your ghoulish trinkets that can only be accessed with a
key. There is a real working wipe board for messages and reminder. A spider web for fun storage of little ghoul jewelry help keep your little ghoul organized. Real working picture frames to store pictures of you and your friends. Fun accessories and stickers to personalize your locker! Doll not included.


Storage Basket, Wardrobe, will fit a doll size 11.5 Inches tall, 10 piece, Wipe Clean With Soap and Water, No Battery Required


Available at Target


3 years and up!

IMG_3088 IMG_3089

Anyways, Keira and I took a look over this product and might I say, it is impressive. Keira liked it right away because it was a locker and associated it with Draculaura right away since she is on the back photo. Draculaura is her favorite Ghoul along with Abbey at Monster High!  It is a little on the heavy size weighing 3lbs and about 3oz for a little ghoul to lift up so parents may have to help with moving it around.

After seeing the initial packaging, Keira went straight for the handle. She liked the fact it was her favorite color of pink. It is also very detailed with Monster High wrote on it and with lightening bolt, bat and skullette on it.




After taking the packaging off you can already see the MH logo spider web, claw marks, and a place to insert a name tag. Very cute front!





Upon opening the locker you see that it is very spacious and is highly decorative. Keira really likes the name tags/photo frames that it came with and the mirror!




On the right side you  have the mirror, a place to write with your dry erase pen and can hang a name tag/ picture frame. There is also a little pocket at the bottom so you can put your pen in it for safe keeping.


On the left side of the locker you have two prongs to hang the tags, a storage compartment and two pull out drawers. You are able to fit a doll in this which we showed in our video review. This side holds some of the goodies that come with this locker.



Here are some of the goodies that come with the lockers. You get stickers, mini photos for your photo frames/name tag, bracelets, two round storage containers, dry erase pen, lock, and a key.

 IMG_3113 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3128 IMG_3129   IMG_3132

You can fit two dolls in it but you have to take them off the stand.  Overall, this locker is a great product and my little ghoul recommends it as do I. It is a fun and innovating toy to have. My little ghoul is 6 and has already took to it immediately and is playing with it in her room as I type this up. She loves playing like it is her school locker. She feels like she is in school like one of the ghouls!



Thanks again to Lunchbox for sending this to us to review! This was a very fun and great product to review. You can find this product on here:  or to  get the Monster High Locker visit your nearest Target store.

It retails for $29.99 plus tax! :)

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