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Apr 01

Written By: Lyss Chan

They post this on their facebook and tumblr about Invsi Billy a possible new dolls. Here is that post:


Invisi Who? The New Manster on Campus

Disembodied rumors about a new student body have been blowing up iCoffins all over campus. “Did you see that picture?” Clawdeen growled when asked about the speculation. “There are so many wild rumors running, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.”

Luckily, at The Gory Gazette the truth is never too mysterious to hunt down and thanks to persistent staffers monsters can now consider this rumor officially put to rest. The MHGG has dug up startling new information about the Son of the Invisible Man, info that was previously locked tight in the administration’s coffin.


Re-printed below is a recently unearthed copy of his student transcript. Read further at your own risk. Sources tell us, he’s a practical joker with a totally twisted sense of humor.



Invisi Billy™

Age: 15

Monster Parents: The Invisible Man

Killer Style: I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to style-definitely a less-is-more kind of monster. I mean you’d never be able to pick me out of a crowd by what I’m wearing.

Freaky Flaw: I’m like totally transparent cause I have absolutely nothing to hide. It gets me in trouble sometimes though cause not every monster appreciates it, so I’m practicing on being more opaque.

Pet: I had a dog once, but I had to give him away because every time I took him out for a walk- animal control would try and pick him up as a stray. Now I have a box, which may or may not contain a cat.

Favorite Activity: I love pulling pranks and practical jokes. I don’t do anything destructive or mean, of course- just funny.

Pet Peeve: When monsters talk about me like I’m not there. It’s totally not scary cool.

Favorite Subject: Physics. I’m like a total science nerd and some of my most epic practical joke ideas have come from experiments we’ve done in class.

Least Favorite Subject: Physical Deaducation. Especially on the days we play football. I’ll be like, “Hey quarterback, I was wide open!” and he’ll be like, “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Lame.

Favorite Color: Camouflage. What? It’s true.

BFF: I can blend in with any crowd.

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